IRVINE, CA - October 13, 2008

October 11 and 12th 2008, marked the annual Mehregan Iranian Harvest Festival in Orange County. Each year thousands of Iranians migrate from all parts of California to attend this event and celebrate together.

Mehregan is a place of family fun, great food and shopping and of course dancing and music. And the festivities would not quite have been complete without Soroush Arani.
At every turn one could see Soroush fans adorned with a Soroush Arani Persian Rock t-shirts, which were handed out throughout the day to eager fans.

As passers by glanced at Soroush’s poster that hung in the “bazaar” all talk was of his amazing and original music. One would commonly overhear a friend turn to another and recommend Soroush’s new self titled album. The presence of Soroush’s t-shirts and his music energized the youth and got the word out about this up and coming revolution in Persian rock that is Soroush Arani.

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